Seeds of Intention

Inside every acorn lies an entire oak tree.

Let that sink in for a minute.

What seeds might by lying dormant inside of you? As the weather changes and the crocuses emerge, spring is the perfect time to consider your own potential. 

Set goals that motivate you. Goals trigger behavior, direct your focus, and sustain momentum...but only if you genuinely want to be where you're heading. Make sure the objective has value for you and aligns with your priorities. Set goals that inspire a sense of urgency, a feeling of "I must do this!"

Set relevant goals. It's easy to get distracted and scattered in goal setting. In what direction do you want your life or career to move? Hold yourself accountable by setting intentions only related to this goal. Stay focused and the momentum will develop to support you.

Write it down. Strong, clear, positive language is key. Start each sentence with, "I will" rather than "I would like to." Use this language to remind yourself that you are committed to this. Phrasing also determines the focus of the goal. "I will eat three healthy meals a day" keeps the attention on the healthy food, where "I will stop eating junk food" might result in more cravings.

What potential lies inside YOU?