No Mud, No Lotus

Behold, the lotus flower, a symbol of purity and rebirth.

This plant begins its life deep in the mud, in the dirty, challenging environment at the bottom of a pond. Despite these conditions, the lotus flower maintains its strength and pushes through each obstacle as it makes its way up to the clear surface of the water. Once there, the stem develops a pod, blossoming into the flower of this incredible plant. The petals, when they open, are clean and pure.

The journey of the lotus flower is a beautiful metaphor for each of us. Many people get lost in the murky water, stuck on the story of the past. So often we are tempted to give up, not realizing how close we are to the sunny, clear surface. The past doesn’t need to hold you back: conditions that produce beautiful life are not always ideal, but it’s possible to rise through adversity and blossom. Stay focused on the sunlight above.