Seasons of Change

Here in New England, many trees are losing their brightly colored leaves. But different trees grow in different ways...just as people do. Consider the olive tree, which is an alternate bearing crop. This means it produces fruit in two cycles: a larger than average crop one year and a lower than average crop the following year. 

What does this have to do with us? Our bodies work in natural rhythms, not just the circadian rhythm of each 24-hour cycle, but shorter patterns within that cycle, called ultradian rhythms. In fact, every 1.5-2 hours, we have a natural dip in our energy. Most of us try to power through this shift, with caffeine, sugar, or willpower. 

What if you took a break? 

This is where the excuses start. You'd love to, BUT...

So here's a throw-down challenge for September: for one week (or one day if that's what you can commit to), try taking a five-minute break every 90-120 minutes. An actual break (not a Facebook-checking break). Walk to the water cooler, do a short breath meditation in your desk chair, water the plants in your house, or do a few basic yoga poses (bonus: for a yoga pose you can do at your desk with no one noticing, see our June newsletter).