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Sitting is the New Smoking

Did you know that sitting is killing you? It's true! Sitting six or more hours a day increases the risk of death within 15 years by 40% compared to those who sit less than three hours a day. In addition, sitting: is highly correlated with weight gain and type 2 diabetes doubles the risk of…
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Open Your Heart

It's February. Love-themed messages are everywhere...usually connected to selling you something. So let's turn this idea into something more productive. What if you decide to start fresh and open your heart? What if, this February, you work on releasing the scar tissue in your heart - the anger, hurt, and grudges. There's a famous quote by the Buddha:…
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Sage Advice

Words of wisdom from Gandhi: be the change you wish to see in the world. Words of wisdom from Wainhouse Wellness: be the duck.  Ever wonder why a duck can float? One reason is the oil-secreting gland near the base of its tail. The duck uses its beak to spread this oil over the entire body,…
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