What’s the goal?

And just like that, it’s January. The whole year stretches ahead. Time for (cue the horror music) New Year’s resolutions.   Often, resolutions are vague statements on self-improvement: I’m going to lose weight, learn guitar, get in shape. There is an inherent flaw in all of these, setting you up to fall short: what is the end…
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The holidays are here…beware of darts.

The holiday season comes with a lot of the F word........Family. For some, this means laughing until tears flow, sharing traditions, and making new memories. For many, however, family time is outright stressful. Some tension may be unavoidable, but our expectations, thoughts, and reactions - all within our own control - can make a huge…
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Sage Advice

Words of wisdom from Gandhi: be the change you wish to see in the world. Words of wisdom from Wainhouse Wellness: be the duck.  Ever wonder why a duck can float? One reason is the oil-secreting gland near the base of its tail. The duck uses its beak to spread this oil over the entire body,…
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